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Moab Area Photos

Selected photos from the
Moab, Utah area & Arches
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Link to Moab Utah Riding Trails
(North, South, East & West)

Rides in Alphabetical order

Clickable Map of Equestrian trailheads
in the Moab area

100 (or more) rides currently shown
Includes maps & ride description

Canyonlands BCH rides in DATE order

12 Slideshows of Older BCH rides >

Rides in Alphabetical order

Clickable Map of Equestrian trailheads
in the Moab area

Photos from ride #58
Onion Creek ride

Latest Ride Latest Ride Latest Ride Latest Ride Latest Ride Latest Ride

Photos from ride #66
Mary Jane Canyon

Latest Ride Latest Ride Latest Ride Latest Ride Latest Ride Latest Ride Latest Ride

2016 Moab Carshow

2017 Moab Carshow

2018 Moab Carshow

Old Spanish Trail Trek'ers
OST Trek Riders pass thru
Moab, Utah

Flying the Wind River Canyon

#1 COOL Bucking Horse

#2 COOL Bucking Horse

#3 Girls on Horses Jumping

Sequenced photos of Girls jumping their horses

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Moab Wedding Carriage Moab Wedding Carriage

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Our most recent rides
Ride #129
East Canyon ride
May 13th, 2018
Ride #128
Trout Canyon Wash ride
May 5th, 2018
Ride #127
Hidden, Pickle & Bartlett ride
April 22nd, 2018
Ride #126
Cameo Cliffs ride
April 21st, 2018
Ride #125
Kane Creek ride
April 20th, 2018
Ride #124
Lone Mesa Ledges ride
April 19th, 2018
Ride #123
Uranium Arch ride
April 9th, 2018
Ride #122
Brown's Hole ride
April 8th, 2018
Ride #121
Kane Creek Canyon ride
April 3rd, 2018
Ride #120
Hidden,Pickle,Bartlett & Tusher ride
April 2nd, 2018
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All other Previous rides

Moab Horseback Trails
20++ Trails Near Moab --- 6 to 20 miles in length
GPS files, Photos, Mileage, Where to park and Ride descriptions

================== Numbered Rides ===================

### Ride Area #1 ###

Ride #101: Old Stagecoach Halfway Ruins Ride

Ride #102: Bartlett and Hidden Canyons

Ride #103: Bartlett and Pickle Canyons

Ride #104: Tusher Tunnel via Mill Road

Ride #105: Mill Canyon and Merrimac Butte

### Ride Area #2 ###

Ride #201: East Bartlett Canyon Loop

Ride #202: Tombstone Rock Needles Loop

Ride #203: Dubinky Rd & Hidden Canyon Loop

Ride #204: Lone Mesa & Wipeout Hill Loop ride

Ride #205: Ride Dubinky Rd and 3-D Loop

Ride #206: South Bartlett Loop Ride

Ride #207: Secret Spire Ride

Ride #208: Ride to Dellenbaugh Tunnel

Ride #209: Ride in Seven (7) Mile Canyon

Ride #210: Ride in Seven (7) Mile Canyon to Groto

### Ride Area #3 ###

Ride #301: Ken's Lake camping & riding

Ride #302: Johnson's On Top

Ride #303: Ride to Pack Creek area

Ride #304: Red Rock Trail & Johnson's Cliff Ride

Ride #305: Johnson's Mesa Ride

Ride #306: Ken's Lake South Ride

### Ride Area #4 ###

Ride #401: Onion Creek Loop

### Commerical Rides ###

Ride #C00: MH Cowboy

Ride #C01: Red Cliff's Ranch

Ride #C02: Hauer Ranch

Ride #C03: Sorrel River Ranch

Would you like some Suggestions on where to ride?
Send me a request for Info

Horse Campgrounds

Ken' Lake Ride
Ken's Lake

Lone Mesa Camp
Lone Mesa Campground

Onion Creek Camp
Onion Creek Campground

Moab Camp Sites (Horses)
OK RV Park (Spanish Valley Rd)

BLM fee areas (Reservable)
Camp sites for horses - reservable one year ahead

Ken's Lake
Group Sites A (Site 1) and B (Site 2) each have horse corrals

Lone Mesa
Group site A has a divided horse corral that can accommodate 4-6 horses.
The remaing sites can also have horses but do not have corrals
Sites "B" to "E" can use the corrals if site "A" is not using them
All sites are "GROUP" with minimums of 15 people

Upper Onion Creek
Group Site A (8 to 20 people) and also has a corral that can hold up to eight horses

All Reservable & NON-Reserve BLM Camping
Includes "Horse" and "Non-Horse" campsites
Provided by BLM

All Reservable & NON-Reserve BLM Camping
Provided by Discover Moab

Arches National Park (riding only)
Arches Riding restrictions

Canyonlands National Park (ride/pack/camp)
Canyonlands Riding restrictions

Moab Horse Clubs

Back Country Horseman Canyonlands BCH

Horse Clubs

Moab Back Country Horseman
Utah Back Country Horseman

Sheri Griffith Annual Endurance (aka Moab Canyons) Ride
2017 Competition: October 27,38,29 - 2017
NOTICE: Endurance Ride is on for 2017!

25/50 Mile Endurance Ride

Do you live in the Moab area?
Join the
Moab Back Country Horseman
- Have Some Fun -

Moab Back Country Horseman

Commerical Horseback rides:

Rock N Ridge Rides Rock N Ridge Rides

MH Cowboy MH Cowboy

Red Cliffs Lodge
Red Cliffs Lodge

SorrelRiverRanch Sorrel River Ranch

Hauer07 Hauer Ranch

Global Endurance
Global Endurance

Who They Are:

Rock N Ridge Rides "Custom Rides"
Guided horseback rides in the high country above Moab, Utah!

MH Cowboy Rides "Custom Rides"
MH offers custom and Dude rides at a very reasonable rate!

Global Endurence "Arabian horses"
Global offers custom rides on Arabian Endurance horses

Red Cliffs Lodge "On The River"
Red Cliff's offers Dude rides as well as custom rides (Call)
They are located on the banks of the Colorado River

Sorrel River Ranch "On the river"
Sorrel River offers Dude rides as well as custom rides (Call)
They are located on the banks of the Colorado River

Hauer Ranch "Castle Valley area"
Hauer Ranch offers Dude rides as well as custom rides (Call)
They also have mules available


Moab Veterinary Moab Veterinary

Moab Large Animal DVM

Dr. Sorensen - DVM
4575 Spanish Valley Dr
Moab, UT 84532
(435) 259-8710

Horse Rescue & Adoption

Rescue Horses:

Mt Peale Animal Sanctuary
Assisting Injured, Diseased, Deformed and Abandoned Animals

For Sale:

Horses, Tack, Misc:

ForSale Page

Area Web Sites

MoabHappenings Moab Happenings

Discover Moab Discover Moab

Delicate Arch Arches National Park

Moab Web Sites:

Discover Moab
Moab Happenings
Old Spanish Trail Arena
Dead Horse State Park (Horses NOT allowed)
Arches National Park (Horses allowed - with restrictions)
Canyonlands National Park (Horses allowed - with restrictions)

Local Business

Farm City Farm City

Moab Stores and Shops:

Farm & City General Store
(435) 259-0169
850 S Main St, Moab, UT 84532
Cross Streets: Between S 400 E/Jackson St and E Dogwood Ave
All Animal Services, Agriculture Supplies & Equipment, Pet Supplies


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WebSite Updated: May 23rd, 2018

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Ride#129 Canyonlands May 13th ride at East Canyon, Monticello
Ride#128 Canyonlands May 5th ride at Trout Wash Canyon
** Added 2018 Moab Car Show **
Ride#127 Canyonlands & Wasatch BCH April 22nd ride at Hidden, Pickle & Bartlett
Ride#126 Canyonlands & Wasatch BCH April 21st ride at Cameo Cliffs
Ride#125 Canyonlands & Wasatch BCH April 20th ride at Kane Creek
Ride#124 Canyonlands & Wasatch BCH April 19th ride at Lone Mesa Ledges
Ride#123 Canyonlands BCH April 9th ride to Uranium Arch
Ride#122 Canyonlands BCH April 8th ride at Brown's Hole
Ride#121 Canyonlands BCH April 3rd ride Kane Creek Canyon
Ride#120 Canyonlands BCH April 2nd ride Hidden,Pickle,Bartlett & Tusher
Ride#119 Canyonlands BCH April 1st ride Johnsons on Top
** Added Downloadable Ride Brochures **
Ride#118 - Canyonlands BCH Ride to Uranium Arch**
Ride#117 - Canyonlands BCH March 17th ride at Seven Mile Canyon
Ride#116 - Canyonlands BCH Feb 17th ride at Cameo Cliffs
Ride#115 - Canyonlands BCH Feb 2nd ride at Flat Iron Mesa
Ride#114 - Canyonlands BCH Jan 29th ride on the Redrock Trail
Ride#113 - Canyonlands BCH Jan 19th ride at Ken's Lake
Ride#112 - Canyonlands BCH Jan 13th ride Johnsons on Top

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