Mill Road & Cotter Mine Road Area Trails

Ride #103
Bartlett Canyon and Pickle Canyon Loop Trail
10.43 mile ride

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Pic DSC09949.jpg Riding down Mill Road Pic DSC09950.jpg Bartlett Cottonwood Tree Pic DSC09951.jpg Bartlett Wash Road Pic DSC09952.jpg Entering Pickle Canyon
Pic DSC09954.jpg Pete and Dusty - Pickle Cyn Pic DSC09962.jpg Exiting Pickle Canyon Pic DSC09963.jpg Returning to Bartlett camping area Pic DSC09964.jpg Kioske in Bartlett Canyon

TRAIL MAP: Bartlett & Pickle Canyon Ride
10.43 mile ride

Bartlett is nice but I really like Pickle!

It starts at the Mill Kiosk parking lot .7 miles in from Hwy 191
via the Mill Canyon road. You simply follow Mill Cyn Rd for
several miles until you come to the Jct for Bartlett and Tusher.
Turn left and follow the road to a "Y". Left goes to Tusher
Tunnel and right goes to Bartlett Wash. Follow the Bartlett road
until you come to the sign for "Pickle". Go right and ride through
Pickle. After you exit pickle you turn left to get back to the
Bartlett road and then go left again to return to Mill road and
back to where you parked.

NOTE: We did not stay exactly on the Mill road for this ride.
We wandered some just to stay off the road and have more fun.

For a Longer Ride:
when you exit Pickle you can turn right and ride through Hidden
Canyon back to Mill road. You could also go to the Bartlett
road and turn right. Go down the Bartlett road a couple of miles
and turn left and cut across Bartlett Canyon to intercept the
road that goes back to the Bartlett campground.

Most of this trail is motorized.
"Pickle" has three ledges that can be walked over safely.
Pickle is a beautiful somewhat narrow slot canyon.

Bartlett & Hidden Canyon TRACK file
10.43 mile ride

Bartlett & Hidden Canyon GPX file

Bartlett & Hidden Canyon TEXT file

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