Tombstone Rock / Dubinky Road Area Trails

Ride #202
Ride Needles Loop from Tombstone Rock
9.78 mile ride

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Pic 10329.jpg Heading North from Tombstone Pic 10333.jpg Heading North from Tombstone Pic 10334.jpg Heading North from Tombstone Pic 10343.jpg Slickrock portion of trail
Pic 10358.jpg Backside of Needles Pic 10365.jpg Sandy trail behind Needles Pic 10367.jpg The "Needles" formation Pic 10189.jpg Rider & Tombstone Rock

Needles Loop

9.78 mile ride

A nice 9.8 mile ride around the Needles

For this ride we parked at Tombstone Rock which is about a 7 mile
drive on a good dirt road in from Hwy 313. There are a couple of sandy
wash crossing that may require 4WD on occassions.
Once parked you head NW along the Secret Spire road, cross a cattle
guard and start looking for a right turn. The first couple of miles
will be on a slick rock jeep trail. Once thru that most of the trail
is on a sandy jeep road. Before you get to the halfway point you
will be making a left turn to go behind the Needles. We ate lunch
behind (North) of the Needles. The return is an easy ride following
mostly sandy roads.

To include Secret Spire and Dellenbaugh Tunnel:
The ride can be made longer by including a trip to
Secret Spire or heading over to Dellenbaugh Tunnel.
If you ride both expect and additional 4 hours of riding.
To include Secret Spire you would turn right when getting to
the Secret Spire (SS) road instead of returning to Tombstone.
To get to Dellenbaugh Tunnel you have go back to Tombstone Rock
to a 3-way intersection then head SW for several miles.

Spring Canyon separates Secret Spire and Dellenbaugh Tunnel.
Because of this you have to ride a "U" shaped loop to go from
one to the other. There is also cattle fencing and cattle guards
between the two places so the route you follow is important.

Most of the trail is shared with motorized vehicles.

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9.78 mile ride

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