Highway 313 Area Trails

Ride #210
Seven (7) Mile Canyon To Groto
8.80 mile ride

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Pic DSC11427.jpg Parking just off 313 Pic DSC11428.jpg Start of ride Pic DSC11430.jpg Big sandy wash at beginning Pic DSC11432.jpg Nice sandstone formations
Pic DSC11435.jpg Wash narrows as you progess Pic DSC11438.jpg ATV barrier Pic DSC11442.jpg Lots of trees Pic DSC11448.jpg Many undercut formations
Pic DSC11449.jpg More undercuts Pic DSC11451.jpg Getting a drink along the way Pic DSC11453.jpg Fallen trees along route Pic DSC11455.jpg Water in the spring tme
Pic DSC11457.jpg Arriving at the Groto Pic DSC11461.jpg Looking up at dry water fall Pic DSC11462.jpg Jim with his Arabian Pic DSC11463.jpg Water at the Groto (Usually)
Pic DSC11467.jpg Lunch at the Groto Pic DSC11474.jpg Deb Pic DSC11483.jpg Steve Pic DSC11484.jpg Fallen tree
Pic DSC11486.jpg The Gang Pic DSC11488.jpg Many large boulders Pic DSC11490.jpg Rock Art Pic DSC11497.jpg Steve near end of ride

From the center of Moab - Go North to Hwy 313 - Go West 2.0 miles
Look for the wire gate on left - Max is about 5 trailers.

GPS location of parking: 38.652664°, -109.719530°
GPS location of ATV barrier: 38.629592°, -109.742815°

We headed Westerly from the parking through some overhanging trees.
After the trees you intercept the big sandy wash. Stay left initially.
There is a right fork at the very beginning that can also be ridden
but we stayed left to go to the Groto. The right fork goes under 313.
The ATV barrier is about 2.2 miles into the ride, Groto is 2.2 more miles.
Most of the ride is in the wash. There are a few rocky areas but not bad.
There are also some trails out of the wash that be used. There is very little,
if any, vehicular traffic. There are also two short side canyons that can be
checked out to extend the ride.

GPS Loc - At the Groto: 38.621269°, -109.762881°

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Ride Map
7 Mile Canyon Ride map