Onion Creek and Fisher Towers Area Trails

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Ride #401
Onion Creek Loop Ride

This BLM campground is VERY VERY popular
It MUST BE reserved well in advance!

The link below has lots of good information provided
by the BLM on the Upper and Lower Onion Creek Campgrounds.

Check link below for reservation dates
BLM Moab Link for Onion Creek

Pic 07972.jpg Kioske at entrance Pic 07973.jpg BLM Rules Pic 07975.jpg Corrals, Campsite and Parking Pic 07976.jpg Corrals, Campsite and Parking
Pic 08075.jpg Corrals, Campsite and Parking Pic 08079.jpg Starting up the trail Pic 08080.jpg Trail marker Pic 08089.jpg Heading South
Pic 08090.jpg Topping a hill Pic 08094.jpg Up a sand wash Pic 08137.jpg Wide open spaces Pic 08138.jpg A steep climb

TRAIL MAP: Onion Creek Ride

A great ride close to the Colorado River

Use link below to make reservations and learn rules
BLM Rules & Regulations:

There is a fair amount of riding in the area.
There are two loops marked for riding. The outer loop is about
12 miles in length, while the inner loop is about 8 miles.
You can also ride south on the Onion Creek road for well over
10 miles to a ranch area located on the Kokopelli Trail and even further
after reaching the ranching area. There are 10 or more stream crossings
that can become flooded during thunder and/or rain storms so be
carefull and know expected weather conditions.

You can ride in Onion Creek and may want to during busy times.
Motorized traffic on Onion Creek road is heavy during April, May
and October.

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