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Ride with the OST Trek riders
from Los Angeles, CA to Santa Fe, New Mexico
Moab dates: August 27th to 30th, 2015

The Old Spanish Trail ("OST") riders (Richard, Jim, Otis & Rod)
and their trusty animals, Toquima, Floyd, Chico and Sadie
were in the Moab area on August 27-30 on their "Trek" from
Los Angeles, CA to Santa Fe, New Mexico.
They have recreated and ridden the OST as much as possible.
They will arrive in Santa Fe and attend the "Three Trails Conference"
that starts on September 17, 2015.

This is a recreation of the Old Spanish Trail route used in
the early 1800's from L.A. CA to Sante Fe New Mexico.
Richard, Jim, Otis and Rod took on the task of putting this
together and doing the ride. It has been 3 years in the planning.
The CanyonLands BCH hosted the Trek riders while in the Moab area.



I especially want to thank them for allowing me to join the ride
through the Moab area. Jim had brought two mules, Chico and Sadie.
I was able to ride Sadie for the three days that they rode the Moab area.

Photo Pages:
Thursday (27th)Ride into Moab, Utah
Thursday's (27th) Meet & Greet at Archway
Thursday's (27th) ride from OSTA to Walkabout
Friday's (28th) BBQ at WalkAbout Ranch
Saturday's (29th) Ride out of Moab, Utah
Sunday's (30th) Ride out of La Sal, Utah

Thursday (the 27th) Videos
#01 - OST Riders North of Moab - 19 secs
#02 - OST Riders North of Moab - 8 secs
#03 - OST Riders Passing Arches NP - 14 secs
#04 - OST Riders Passing Court House Wash - 19 secs
#05 - OST Riders crossing Colorado River - 22 secs

Saturday (the 29th) Videos
#06 - Sadie "the Mule" ears - 9 secs
#07 - OST Riders near Brown's Hole - 21 secs
#08 - OST Riders near Brown's Hole - 30 secs
#09 - Spotted Skunk acting strange - 25 secs
#10 - OST Riders nearing La Sal - 12 secs
#11 - OST Riders nearing La Sal - 23 secs

Sunday (the 30th) Videos
#13 - OST Riders South of La Sal - 32 secs
#14 - Jim riding in for lunch - 17 secs
#15 - OST Riders nearing White Rock - 24 secs

OST Trek Riders pass thru Moab
27th to 30th of August-2015
Stayed at the WalkAbout-Ranch in Moab
and Steve's ranch in La Sal