Ride Photos #02 - MOAB AREA

Dalton Wells / Tower Arch

This is a nice 13.0 mile ride

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Pic DSC07665.jpg Start of ride Pic DSC07676.jpg Richard & Outlaw Pic DSC07678.jpg More Sandstone Pic DSC07673.jpg Mr. Dusty
Pic DSC07680.jpg Jets crossing Pic DSC07682.jpg Sandstone pillers Pic DSC07687.jpg Sandstone mesa Pic DSC07693.jpg Monitor & Merrimac way off
Pic DSC07696.jpg More sandstone pillers Pic DSC07701.jpg Mr Dusty Pic DSC07705.jpg Pillers around Tower Arch Pic DSC07710.jpg Signs for Tower Arch
Pic DSC07716.jpg Formations around Tower Arch Pic DSC07718.jpg Formations around Tower Arch Pic DSC07725.jpg Formations around Tower Arch Pic DSC07726.jpg Tower Arch up close
Pic DSC07728.jpg More formations Pic DSC07729.jpg More formations Pic DSC07733.jpg On road back Pic DSC07735.jpg On road back

About 14 miles North of the center of Moab is "Dalton Wells Rd"
Its the next turn off to the right after you pass "Willow Springs Rd"
About 1 mile in from Hwy 191 is reasonable good parking
Follow the dirt road "Copper Ridge" North East from the parking.
This jeep road takes you along the West boundry of Arches Natl Park
About 4 miles up the jeep road you will head off across the sandstone
towards a nice looking sandstone formation.
The Arch is about 1.5 mile East of the jeep road.

You have to dismount to hike to Tower Arch

The ride to Tower is about 13 miles (6.5 miles each way)

GPS location of exit from Hwy 191: 38.710500°, -109.702193°

Tower Arch Ride Map