Ride Photos #3 - MOAB AREA

WipeOut Hill ride from Hwy 313

This is a nice 6.0 mile ride

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Pic IMG_0158.jpg Begin ride Pic IMG_0160.jpg The gang Pic IMG_0162.jpg On our way Pic IMG_0163.jpg Art
Pic IMG_0164.jpg Mr Ethan Pic IMG_0166.jpg Monitor and Merrimac Pic IMG_0168.jpg Monitor and Merrimac Pic IMG_0169.jpg Nice sand road to ride
Pic IMG_0171.jpg Cliffs near Monitor Pic IMG_0172.jpg Monitor up close Pic IMG_0173.jpg Sandstone spire Pic IMG_0175.jpg Horses at WipeOut hill
Pic IMG_0179.jpg Jeepers at base of Monitor Pic IMG_0185.jpg Backside of Monitor Pic IMG_0189.jpg Alternate trail out Pic IMG_0193.jpg Alternate trail out
Pic IMG_0193.jpg Alternate trail out Pic IMG_0195.jpg Monitor and Merrimac Pic IMG_0196.jpg La Sal Mountains Pic IMG_0203.jpg Drink at the stock tanks

About 12 miles North of the center of Moab and
7 miles up Hwy 313 is the "WipeOut Hill" parking lot.

GPS location of Wipeout Hill Parking: 38.637385°, -109.785205°

The ride in and out is almost all sandy jeep trails.
There is a route up closer to the Westerly cliffs and
another route further to the East. Both are nice.

For the more experienced: Once you get to WipeOut Hill
you can walk (experienced can ride) up WipeOut and continue on
to Determination Towers - about 1.5 miles further.

WipeOut Hill Ride Map