Ride Photos #04 - MOAB AREA

Lone Mesa & Navajo Rocks

This is a nice 8.3 mile ride

We meandered around mostly. The important points on this
ride are where you cross the ridges in and out of the valleys.
They are marked on the maps as "Be Safe" and "Start down here"

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Pic DSC11425.jpg Entrance to Lone Mesa Pic DSC11418.jpg Camping & Corrals Pic DSC11419.jpg Corrals - Looking North Pic DSC11353.jpg Gate - Start of ride
Pic DSC11359.jpg Mile marker 15 Pic DSC11361.jpg WipeOut hill parking Pic DSC11364.jpg Cross road @ Wipeout parking Pic DSC11369.jpg 1/2 mile South of 313
Pic DSC11373.jpg Disk, top of mesa, looking N.E. Pic DSC11378.jpg mesa top - looking E. - La Sal Mtn's Pic DSC11386.jpg Ready to go down slope Pic DSC11389.jpg Richard and "Outlaw"
Pic DSC11390.jpg Dick almost to bottom of slope Pic DSC11392.jpg Jct - Headed for saddle cross-over Pic DSC11400.jpg Dick at the "Be Safe" cross-over Pic DSC11402.jpg Dick at view point
Pic DSC11405.jpg Monitor/Merrimac from view point Pic DSC11409.jpg Dick working a cow Pic DSC11414.jpg Route back to Lone Mesa Pic DSC11415.jpg Tombstone Rock - off in distance

From the center of Moab - Go North to Hwy 313 - Go West 8.5 miles
to the turn off for Lone Mesa Campground (Dubinky Well Rd).
Campground is about 1/2 mile off of Hwy 313.

GPS location of Lone Mesa Campground: 38.636454°, -109.804285°

We exited the campground to the East through a 4 foot gate.
You continue about a mile paralleling Hwy 313 until
you come to Wipeout Hill parking (mile marker 15).
Here you cross the highway and head South.

GPS - Wipeout Hill parking: 38.637316°, -109.785530°

We wandered around the sandy valley until we headed for "Be Safe".
You cross a saddle at "Be Safe" and drop down into the next valley. We continued
on a Easterly heading and went around the North end of the next mesa. You will
come to a junction of an old two track road. Follow the two track road as it loops
up on top of the mesa. At the spot marked as "Start down here" you can drop back
down into the valley. Its a little steep so you should probably walk your horses.
We rode back across the valley to a 3-way jucntion that takes you back up to "Be Safe".
After crossing the saddle at "Be Safe" we headed over to the "View Point".
We left the view point going North up a sandy wash, climbed up some sandstone slickrock,
crossed over Hwy 313 and rode North-Westerly back to Lone Mesa Campground.

Other GPS coordinates:

"Be-Safe cross-over": 38.631642°, 38.631642°
"Go up slope here": 38.629919°, -109.773671°
"Start down here": 38.628888°, -109.772822°

Lone Mesa reservations:
BLM Lone Mesa Campgrounds Reservations
Group site A has a divided horse corral that can accommodate 4-6 horses.

Ride Map - View #1
Lone Mesa / Navajo Rocks Ride Map #1

Ride Map - View #2
Lone Mesa / Navajo Rocks Ride Map #2

Lone Mesa Campgrounds
Lone Mesa Campgrounds