Ride Photos #5 - MOAB AREA

Ride into Bull Canyon from Gemini Bridges

A 5.8 mile ride one way (11.6 round trip)

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Pic DSC09040.jpg Off we go Pic DSC09045.jpg Gal and dog from WY Pic DSC09046.jpg Visitors from WY Pic DSC09049.jpg Dusty with visitors
Pic DSC09051.jpg Gal and her dog Pic DSC09053.jpg Checking feet Pic DSC09055.jpg Up hill from Gold Rim Trail Pic DSC09056.jpg Nice and sandy
Pic DSC09059.jpg Towards Bull Canyon Pic DSC09060.jpg Start up Bull Canyon Pic DSC09064.jpg Dusty and Richard (locals) Pic DSC09065.jpg Cool formations
Pic DSC09066.jpg Part of jeep road Pic DSC09067.jpg "Outlaw" staring down a bull Pic DSC09070.jpg Nice sandy trail Pic DSC09072.jpg Gemini from bottom
Pic DSC09082.jpg Heading back to top Pic DSC09088.jpg Cool cliff Pic DSC09089.jpg Cool cliff Pic DSC09095.jpg Near Gemini top

This ride starts at Gemini Bridges parking area
Two ways to Gemini Bridges - Off of 313 or off of 191

This ride has a fair amount of traffic.
Gemini Bridges and Bull Canyon are very popular.
I personally think its worth the minor inconvience.

We made this ride with several visitors from Montana and Wyoming.
We initially started towards the Gold Rim ATV trail then decided to
backtrack some and go into Bull Canyon. Bull is a pretty cool place
because it leads you to the base of Gemini Bridges. The whole ride is
on jeep and ATV roads except the very last leading to Gemini. Its
possible to continue up canyon further but we took the right jog that
leads you to the base of Gemini.

If you stay left at the junction for the short ride to the base of Gemini
you can ride another 2.4 miles up Bull Canyon. This leg has a lot less traffic.

GPS location of Gemini Bridges Parking: 38.587200°, -109.709986°

GPS location of Bull Canyon View Point: 38.585700°, -109.706360°

Bull Canyon Ride Map