Ride Photos #07 - MOAB AREA

Behind The Rocks Road to Sand Dunes

Nice & Easy 6 mile ride

This is a 2 hour ride!
Easy parking just off of 191
You just follow the dirt road or wander!

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Pic DSC11499.jpg Start of ride Pic DSC11500.jpg Jim, Dick & Jessica Pic DSC11501.jpg We stayed on the road initially Pic DSC11502.jpg We stayed on the road initially
Pic DSC11503.jpg Leaving main road Pic DSC11504.jpg Follow the wash Pic DSC11505.jpg Off main road Pic DSC11506.jpg Off main road
Pic DSC11508.jpg First sand dunes Pic DSC11509.jpg Moving to 2nd sand dunes Pic DSC11510.jpg Gave up - It was Cold and windy Pic DSC11511.jpg La Sal's - Cold and Wintery
Pic DSC11512.jpg Heading back to trailers Pic DSC11513.jpg Heading back to trailers

From the center of Moab - Go South 13 miles on Hwy 191 - top of Blue Hill
Look for Right turn off - Quite a bit of parking

We headed Westerly from the parking through some trees
After about 1/2 mile you intercept Behind the Rocks Road.
You can also just go North on the road until it turns left to the West
After a mile or so you can start following a big sandy wash.
The first sand dunes are about 2 miles, the 2nd another 1/4 mile.
We were headed for Prostitute Butte (another 2 miles) but is got windy and cold.
So, we looped on back to the wash and returned to parking using the road all the way.

GPS Loc - Parking: 38.422590000, -109.432357000
GPS Loc - 1st Sand Dune: 38.419811000, -109.474314000

Behind The Rocks ride GPX file

Behind The Rocks ride KMZ file

Behind The Rocks Ride Map
Behind The Rocks ride map