Ride Photos #08 - MOAB AREA

Ride The Red Rocks Trail

Nice & Easy 6 mile ride

This is a 2 hour ride!
Parking along Easy Street, just off of Spanish Valley Dr
Go East towards the red rocks - lots of trails to follow

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Pic DSC11516.jpg At "Start" - Dick on "Raven" Pic DSC11517.jpg Deb on "Sally" Pic DSC11518.jpg Along the trail Pic DSC11519.jpg Along the trail
Pic DSC11520.jpg Along the trail Pic DSC11522.jpg Fixing tack Pic DSC11526.jpg Rock art Pic DSC11527.jpg Rock art
Pic DSC11528.jpg Vandalized rock art Pic DSC11529.jpg Rock art Pic DSC11532.jpg Richard pointing to rock art Pic DSC11530.jpg Dick on "Raven"
Pic DSC11533.jpg Gate at Johnson's Rd Pic DSC11535.jpg Dick & Deb crossing road Pic DSC11534.jpg Dick & Deb with La Sal's in back Pic DSC11536.jpg "No Tresspass" at Start/End of trail

From the center of Moab - Go South 4.2 miles on 191 to Shell Station
Turn left on Spanish Trail, go to 4-way stop, turn right on Spanish Valley Dr
Go 2.1 miles to Heaven, Turn left, go 1 block turn right on Easy street.
Park along street - Ride starts here.
Go East on Easy St, turn right on Chapman Rd, go South to a white fence
with a "No Tresspass Sign" - Red Rock Horse trail starts here!
Sign is for Off Road stuff.

The Red Rock Horse Trail is actually lots of little intersecting segments.
This area gets ridden lots so the trails mingle. You can ride closer to the
rocks or stay down nearer the private property. The trail is mostly sand.
We reversed course at a steep climb and headed back to the trailers.
You can ride to Ken's Lake and further - but we decided to go back.

GPS Loc - Parking: 38.510679°, -109.468039°
GPS Loc - Trail starts: 38.507641°, -109.464468°

Red Rocks Ride Map
Red Rocks ride map